All tenants are required to turn in a formal written 30 day notice in person at RE/MAX Real Estate Partners on 119 Mayfair Rd, Hattiesburg, MS 39402.

The RE/MAX staff will date and time-stamp receipt and should provide you with a copy for your records and provide you with a move-out checklist.  Please see below for the items that need to be fully completed to refund your security deposit.  Remember that all utilities must remain turned on throughout the full term of your lease.  Early shutoff could result in a deposit charge as well as additional cleaning fees.  If lawn maintenance is your responsibility, don't forget to weed eat and make sure the flowerbeds are clean as well.

Move Out Instruction & Procedures

  1. All floors swept and mopped.
  2. All walls and ceiling dusted down & all dirt smudges & grease washed off.
  3. Wipe down all baseboards, woodwork, and windowsills.
  4. Wipe down all light fixtures
  5. Clean all bathroom fixtures- toilet, bathtub, shower, sinks, and cabinets.
  6. Clean kitchen sink and wipe down all kitchen appliances.
  7. Keep all utilities on until day after your move out inspection is complete.
  8. Clean behind and between stove and refrigerator area.
  9. Vacuum carpets and have professionally cleaned.


  • HYDRA CLEAN LLC 601.270.4906
  1. Clean and wipe down closet shelves and rods.
  2. Clean all windows and be sure all window screens are in place.
  3. Remove all items from porch, deck, and yard, etc.
  4. Lawn, driveway, garage to be free from all trash and rubbish.
  5. All trash and garbage to removed from property.
  6. Do not remove phone jacks, picture hooks, or curtain rods and brackets.
  7. All keys are to be returned.
  8. Light Bulbs- ALL light fixtures are to have working light bulbs in all bulb sockets.
  9. Smoke alarm(s) to be in working order with good battery.
  10. Please phone the office 3-5 days in advance to schedule your move-out inspection.
  11. Utilities should remain on until the end of your lease term or final scheduled walk-thru date, whichever date is LATER. A walk-thru will not be done until you are completely vacated and ready to turn in keys. 

Any repainting, repairs, cleaning, trash removal, or other expenses associated with returning the condition of your home in move-in condition can be deducted from your security deposit. Carpet cleaning receipts from an above-mentioned vendor must be brought to the office for verification or carpets will be cleaned and held from security deposit. Your security deposit will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide within 30 of your move-out inspection has been completed.  Attached is a list of fees and charges for your information.


Tenant acknowledges receipt of this document at lease signing and understands that he may request the move out documents from the property manager.  This information is part of the lease, provided to the tenant at move-in.  Tenant understand that failure of staff not to provide these forms does not waive his/her responsibility to complete all cleaning items required.